"First Saree"

"First Saree"
"पहिली साडी "
November 2016 
I always believe, each piece of art is born with own share of fortune , fame and worth! First ever photoshoot for 'Indian wedding mood board' by Soyara Ethnics was going on . This saree was one of my favorite designs 😍 Soyara wore the saree and aced the look ! Rohan, our man behind the lens, clicked this photo when I was adjusting her saree pleats. I didn't even know Rohan had clicked our photo together! But when I saw the photograph , I loved it and used it for promotion even though it was a candid shot. 
One day, Prajakta Gogte- our client from USA texted me and asked a consent to making a canvas painting of this photograph.. this was a request on her friend's behalf! I happily agreed and forgot about it as I never got any updates regarding this later. 
Cut to July 2022! 
I again got text message from Prajakta , this time with a sweetest surprise ever.. photograph of a beautiful canvas painting of our phograph clicked 6 years ago! I was touched .. all these years I thought the painting never happened.. but somewhere ,on the other end of world , it was taking a shape!! I was so thrilled with the idea.. the outcome ..just everything about this story!
So grateful to the universe for these unique moments of life 💫
Name of the artist is Priya Ligade, and the painting is being exhibited at the Bruhan Maharashtra Mandal Maha-Adhiveshan 2022! Sharing the painting and also her version of story .. just go through it and you'll know the creative journey of this creativity! ✨️
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